What is Hiraya?

About Hiraya

What is Hiraya Jewels all about? Our brand has two main purposes.

  1. To promote slow fashion and curb society’s obsession with consumerism.
  2. To create elegant pieces that don’t just look timeless, but also promote a better alternative to the fast fashion industry.

Although the fashion industry, in general, plays a major role in how certain people and our planet’s environment are affected, it shines the most when you put fast fashion in the spotlight.

We figured that this kind of behavior isn’t something that can be easily changed, but also,

better options are always available.

First off, slow fashion is the production that involves buying better-quality garments that will last longer and also value the fair treatment of people in labor for the production of these materials (or animals) and basically, the planet. It’s not just about bringing up awareness, it’s an approach.

Some of the key takeaways of slow fashion is: Mindful manufacturing, fair labor rights, and lasting products. Isn’t it motivating to know that there are plenty of brands and individuals that are making changes (big or small) to fight for our planet? We as a small business, want to contribute by making the moves to help us all get there.

By buying products from responsible brands or local/secondhand shops, we can all contribute to conscious consumption in a simple way, whilst advocating sustainability and awareness in slow fashion.


Organic to our Filipino roots, Hiraya is a Tagalog word meaning “Vision; the fruit of one’s hopes, dreams, and aspirations”. Also often used in the phrase Hiraya Manawari, which figuratively means “reach for your dreams”. 

Fulfillment comes in many forms. At Hiraya Jewels, we aim to empower anyone who is trying to discover their own style. Our fulfillment is achieved when men and women wear our products and it brings out their inner confidence. To feel more bold and fearless. Everybody has the opportunity to have their own style.

Making luxury accessible to everyone isn’t enough, we want to do more by wasting less. We are also always trying to come up with ways to make sure that our choices in packaging and manufacturing will reflect these values.

We strive for inclusivity – revolutionizing the way jewelry is perceived. We are committed to create high-quality jewelry at an affordable price and turn luxury into something that everyone can have every day.

Wanna know how gold plating works? Check out our blog: https://hirayajewels.com/2020/09/26/example-post-3/

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