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Gold Vermeil 

Pronounced vehr-may, gold vermeil is a high quality form of gold plating.

For a material to be considered as gold vermeil, it needs to be made strictly with 925 sterling silver and at least 10k of gold plating.

We chose to create our products with a thick coating of at least 14k gold for many reasons. Please read on 🙂

Gold is naturally a very soft material, so pieces made in pure gold or choosing pieces with a high karat pure gold like 22-24k (91% to 99%) will make it wear off faster. Selecting between 14k ~ 18k gold will increase the strength of the plating making it more durable (and much more affordable!) Through our process of creation, we found a way to ensure all important factors in creating jewelry in the most affordable way while still executing elegance and durability on the finished product.

Did we mention that sterling silver is also hypoallergenic? Yes, it’s hypoallergenic! We know that plenty of women would love to wear jewelry but are so hesitant to try them out because of allergies caused by certain metals, so we made sure to make our products wearable to all.

For tips on how to take care of your jewelry: https://hirayajewels.com/2020/09/26/example-post-2/

Just like everyone, practicality and sustainability have become a few of the most essential traits when choosing products. No one really Gold vermeil is a new luxury, It’s the most practical and inexpensive quality jewelry – the best alternative for solid gold.

925 Sterling silver 

925 sterling silver got its name by what kind of material it is made with. It’s a combination of 92.5% pure silver mixed with 7.5% other metals. Just like pure gold, silver will be susceptible to easy breakage if you don’t combine it with other metals. All this is to achieve firmness and longevity for every jewelry piece made.
Thanks to the high level of purity, it makes it one of the best base metals to use for gold-plated materials and the result for the product is just as brilliant.

The composition is also nickel-free, making it one of the most non-reactive varieties of all precious metals. Meaning, it won’t have discoloration on your skin the way copper reacts to your skin after using it for a short period. a.k.a react to the chemicals from your skin and make it look green and moldy looking.

To terminate both the discoloration on the skin and the nickel leaking out to your skin are the two main requirements we have when creating our pieces.

14K Gold

A thick layer of gold is what makes our product achieve that look-at-me-gold finish on our products. Together with a sterling silver base, it is rust-free and long-lasting, making it perfect for everyday wear. We basically use a 14K gold coating to achieve a luxurious yellow-gold hue and have a thicker layer of gold to make it last longer, all at an affordable price.

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