Sustainable Pieces 

We’ve made a promise to ourselves to only create items that last. That’s why we develop each piece based on two principles: timeless design and longevity. From careful construction to rigorous testing (and back…), our products take time to produce. The way we see it, the more time put in, the more you’ll get out.

We don’t release new designs often. We don’t go with all the latest trends. We focus on a few pieces at a time. Pieces that can be worn for a lifetime. We’re committed to doing our part in standardizing conscious creation, though it can limit the items we have on-hand. We’ll expand our collections slowly, and encourage you to take an important step towards sustainability and slow fashion with us. Because we can all do better. We have to. 

Want to learn more about what our pieces are made of? Click here to know more about what materials we use.

Pre-order Business Model 

The traditional business model in the fashion industry has a huge problem: waste is an accepted byproduct. Before launching a new collection, we offer a pre-order period to help us gauge demand. The Pre-order model helps us avoid overproduction, one of the many ways we aim to minimize waste. It also cuts financial waste in production costs, so we can offer affordable pieces without cutting costs in other ways that are usually socially and environmentally unethical. It also guarantees our items come out in the best condition, as it’s produced upon order as opposed to mass production.

Responsible Packaging 

We recognize that everything we make has an impact on the planet. To promote less single-plastic use, we have zero plastic in our packaging. Instead, each piece comes in a reusable pouch designed to prevent oxidation. All other materials used in our packaging are recyclable, and we’re looking to replace them with even more sustainable alternatives. We’re also looking beyond packaging, continuously reducing waste and working more efficiently. 


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